Sitting and knitting

Saturdays have a well-worn groove: listening to Radio New Zealand, shopping for vegetables at the Hutt Riverside Market, and knitting at the Holland Road Yarn Company.

They anchor me. Without them, it doesn’t feel like the weekend.

Saturday Sit ‘n’ Knit is the newest addition to the mix, but it’s already vital to my equilibrium – soothing away the tail end of a working week’s grumpiness and relaxing me into the right frame of mind to make the most of my home time.

Tash Barneveld has created a wonderful, vibrant space in her indie yarn store, bursting with colour and glorious yarn. It draws in knitters like… well, maybe I won’t use that simile, seeing as moths and wool don’t mix… but you know what I mean, eh?

As well as all the yarny goodness, there are comfy chairs to curl up in, solid tunes, knitterly journals and crafty accoutrements, and – often – cake and cups of tea. It’s not just for knitters, either. There’s no discrimination here. Tash encourages wool lovers of all kinds to come and hang out.

As for me, it’s my third place – not home, not work, but somewhere in-between. Warm, welcoming, just a short stroll from my flat, HRYC is at the heart of this amazing rich community I’m so glad to be a part of.

I’ve made lovely friends, regulars who come and knit in the shop most weeks, and others who just pop in when they can. It’s a pleasure to catch up, chat, see what they’re making, hear about their kids/partners/jobs… whatever.

Every now and again a brand new person sits down and joins us. That’s always a treat, like sharing a delightful secret.

We talk food and cycling and work and families and flatmates and films and patterns… and feed our yarn addictions. It’s fabulous.

So thanks Tash, and all the lovely Holland Road knitters. You guys rock my world, for real. xxx

How about you? Do you do anything special to shrug off work and get you in the mood for the weekend? Share your Saturday rituals in the comments.

Don McGlashan also rocks my world.

Find out more about visiting Holland Road Yarn Company, on Saturdays and other days


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