In the garden

Watching birds is captivating. These are some of the little dudes I’ve snapped in our back garden recently. Oh. And butterflies. Just because.

We have a regular gentleman caller in the form of a very handsome tui, and there are lots of fantails about at the moment, too, though I don’t have those on film.

How about you? What are some of the feathered visitors to your garden?

picture of song thrush.

Song thrush: isn’t he a dandy?

photo of a waxeye

Waxeye: so cute – almost disappears in our unmown lawn

photo of a blackbird

A lady blackbird (so, not really black at all, then…)

photo of goldfinch

Goldfinch: don’t you love that flash of yellow? And the red mask. Just like a superhero.

close-up photo of butterflies eating nectar

Monarch butterflies feasting on Fatsia japonica. The bees love it, too.


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