Sunday list: 19 May 2013

♥ Loll about in bed for a bit… sleeping, eating toast and marmalade, reading…

♥ Get the flat laundry on and hang it out to dry in the sunshine

♥ Unpack the vegetables I bought from the market yesterday which *coughs* are still in the trolley in the kitchen

♥ Turn the compost – and maybe do some weeding

♥ Listen to the Archers Omnibus while I do some batch cooking for the freezer: red curry beef, parsnip soup

♥ Refill the wood baskets and lay the fire

♥ Back up recent photos to external drive and swap around the music on my phone

♥ Sew buttons on Alice’s sixth birthday cardigan

♥ Watch a film and knit some more of Liz’s beanie

♥ Tackle the giant pile of ironing

♥ Cook dinner: potato pizza

♥ Bake a Masterchef-watching treat for the flatties: this apple cake

♥ Phone Mum



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