Lovely & amazing

Photo of bride in beautiful silk Chinoiserie dress

Sophie Voon Bridal: gowns so beautiful they could sway a marriage-shy old spinster

There’s a lot to love about Sophie Voon Bridal, purveyor of delectable dresses for your wedding day and other extra special occasions.

The dresses really are the stuff of dreams: exquisitely cut confections with simple silhouettes in luxe fabrics …

Divine. And no meringues in sight.

Kudos, too, for choosing to photograph the collection on two gorgeous women, one curvier than the other. It’s refreshing to see a designer showing that beautiful bespoke fashion can be for everybody.

The modern vintage vibe of the frocks carries through to the website, which is every bit as delectable as the dresses.

Those gorgeous illustrations with rioting flowers and butterflies floating off the page are from the pen of Wellington designer Mary Adams. She crafted the wallpaper for the boutique as well.

Photo of two gorgeous brides standing in front of exquisite green and pink floral wallpaper designed by Mary Adams

I have dreams about this Mary Adams wallpaper. Click on the pic to go to the designer’s website and check out her other work

Wouldn’t you have the sweetest dreams if this wallpaper was in your boudoir?

Mary’s also responsible for the website of another of my favourite homegrown businesses: the Amazing Travelling Photobooth.

Dion and his crew are all about combining “old world charm with a high-tech heart” to record your special day for posterity.

Weddings, birthday parties, corporate events… no matter what makes your day special, photographic keepsakes from the Amazing Travelling Photobooth will make sure you and your guests remember it.

Trust me. They don’t call it the amazing memory making machine for nothing. Even people who hate having their pictures taken will succumb to the lure of the booth.

And, right now they’ve got a sweet sweet deal for brides to be: Book a booth for your wedding and make your deposit by 31 July and go into a draw to win a Sophie Voon Bridal dress.

Now wouldn’t that be lovely?

Photo advertising competition: book and make your deposit with the Amazing Travelling Photobooth before July 31 2013 to go into the draw to win a Sophie Voon Bridal dress

Sweet deal


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