Thrilling new loveliness


I’ve never been a New Year’s resolution sort of gal. I don’t think “party harder” counts.

But this year I am resolved to be thrifty… after a fashion.

While not being too prescriptive about the whole thing, I aim to fritter away less of my allowance on mundane stuff, so I can spend it instead on things I really need. Or want. Like a decent-sized dining table. Even maybe lovely luxuries, like a holiday.

Really, I just need to be a shit load more organised.

More than anything else, that means getting up earlier in the morning for a proper brekkie at home, rather than buying a cheese scone and a coffee on the way into work, and making a delicious packed lunch at least three times a week.

I know these two things alone will make a huge difference. I was doing them before. But then I moved to Wellington and I came up with all sorts of excuses to stop. To be honest, after months and months and months of living abstemiously, it just all got a bit… boring. And it was exciting to have a pay rise and not be forced to live quite such a hand-to-mouth existence.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve still been chipping lumps off my debts and KiwiSavering like a trooper, but now there are a few dollars left over, I’ve been getting increasingly lax.


I am putting a stop to my financial slacking.

more thriftiness

  • grow my hair: I’m already colouring my tresses with supermarket specials, rather than having the hairdresser do it, but after the hated December chop, I won’t need to pay to have it cut either
  • no more massages: my lovely masseuse is being booted out of the country. Awful for her. Good for my pocket. I’ll swim and cycle and stretch my computer-hunched body into submission instead
  • homemade beauty treats: avocado face masks. Lovely for the skin, and with the added glow that comes from actually using the squishy avo forgotten at the back of the fridge, rather than throwing it in the compost

avocado face mask
half a very ripe avocado
2 teaspoons runny honey
Mush it all up, smother it on, leave for 15 minutes while you soak in the bath, wash off and revel in baby-bum smooth skin.

Also, clean the bath carefully, because it looks like poo.


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