Waving, not drowning


What a turnaround.

Last year I was treading water as fast as I could and still sinking.

This December couldn’t be more different.

I am bouyed, inspired, back in a city I love, surrounded by people I love, with a hugely fulfilling job I adore.

I’ve got my mojo back. And I am truly thankful.

Also, just quietly, I’m really bloody grateful that I don’t have to wear a uniform any more. A uniform! Can you imagine? No wonder the life was sucked out of me. 


the week that was: Dressember 13 through to Dressember 22
(yes, more than a week, but… think of it as a Christmas bonus – my gift to you)

This week I have been mainly… wearing frocks.

And… eating indulgent morning teas, drinking lots and lots of fizzy wine, partying, and accepting thoughtful gifts and magnificent floral tributes. Plus Jo and I found time to throw a big rainy day barbecue as well.

Life is sweet.

Frock on!





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