Blue Monday


You may well think I wore a navy frock today just so I could post a New Order video…

I couldn’t possibly comment.

But it is Monday, I did wear a blue dress (with pockets. I ♥ pockets), and I got given a bunch of blue flowers.

I also ♥ hydrangeas, and am blessing my great good fortune in having been assigned to such a discerning Kringler.

Especially after hearing the story about the person who got nothing all week, and then got a TIN OF FISH.

 Hydrangeas, a hundred times better. For real.
Thank you, secret Kringle-person, you rock my world 🙂

How about you, lovelies, what are you planning to bestow upon your workmates in the seasonal secret Santa rounds?

I can’t tell you mine, obviously, in case my giftee is stalking me online, but I’d love to hear what you’re planning – or what loot you’ve collected so far.


Also… you didn’t think I’d forgotten, eh?

You’ll have to watch it on YouTube, mind…

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