Christmas cheer

day 2

Last night’s work do had a winter wonderland theme, giving me the perfect excuse to buy this frothy fancy from City Chic

I was aiming for snowflake but reckon I look more like a big fat fairy, and that’s just fine by me.

All those layers of tulle, the pretty beading… it was divine to flounce about in all evening.

What with all the flouncing and the fizz, and the bubbly company of my lovely workmates (who nominated me for a staff member of the year award – yay!!!), and the compliments on my frock, and the flouncing (did I mention the flouncing?) that Cheshire cat grin is still plastered to my face today.

The final pic in the gallery shows my two lovely teammates – aka booze-hags two and three. At the risk of stating the obvious, I’m booze-hag one. Together, we won the somewhat dubious honour of being awarded the Team Least Likely to be Given a Key to the Workplace Liquor Cabinet. Which we’re actually rather proud of. Natch.

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