Hurtling down the home straight


What a difference a week makes.

Half-way through my FebFast journey I was doubtful of reaching the end sober.

But now, one week out from the finish line, I’m feeling far more confident.

Admittedly, my daydreams are filled with gin. However aided by no more than gingerbeer and willpower, I have successfully navigated more than one boozy party, a raucous work do, and a family dinner – as well as the usual daily drinking temptations.

So yay me. And a big thanks to my lovely sponsors, who are helping no end to stiffen my resolve.

I’m not alone in this. Around a thousand New Zealanders have come together to give young people with alcohol and drug problems a second chance at a healthy life.

Between us we’ve managed to raise almost $70,000 so far.

At $421, I’m still a wee way off my $500 goal. But guess what? It’s not too late to do your bit by making a donation to the cause.

You can read more about the recipients and sponsor me via my fundraising page: http://www.febfastfundraising.co.nz/lisa_wilde

Every little bit helps.


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