Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder

So, I’m giving up the grog for a month in an effort to be good to myself and DO some good. Or at least raise a bit of dosh for some great community organisations working to make a difference in people’s lives.

I’m fairly fond of a tipple but abstaining for 28 days will show my liver that I love it, too. Not to mention my waistline and my wallet.

All the money raised by the FebFast challenge goes to support young people with drug- and alcohol-related problems.

My pledge means no chink-chinky gin to announce the cocktail hour, no frosty ale to slake my thirst when I’ve been toiling in the garden, no pink wine to perk me up after work… no wine of any colour. And most definitely no hard liquor.

I’ll be saying no to it all. No. Thank you.

It won’t be easy. February may be the shortest month but let us not forget, people, here in Zild it is also the hottest.

Please help me to stay on the wagon. You can support me and kick off your good deeds for the year by visiting my fundraising page and donating the price of a drink or three towards my fundraising goal.

C’mon. Show me the love.


It’s got to be good for you…


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