Cupcakes for Cantabs



True confession time. I’ve never actually made cupcakes. I love the idea of them, and they’re sooooo pretty. I just don’t like eating them. But I’ve been meaning to have a go for ages, so Vanessa Liddell’s genius Cupcakes4Cantabs fundraiser was just the inspiration I needed to get me started.

I baked a batch yesterday evening and set the alarm for ridiculous o’clock this morning to ice them (I was scared the sprinkles would melt like the wicked witch of the west if I left them overnight).

Now I just need to sell ‘em. I brought them into work where I am enticing my colleagues to do their good deed for the day by making a small donation to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal, in return for which they get a frothy confection of sugary fabulousness.

It’s a very satisfying start to the week.

So thank you @nessliddell for the kick up the bum, and thank you @rachelhollins for designing such a delicious flyer.





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